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Sibling Doula Support

Don't have on-call childcare for your labor & delivery?

Welcome in a Sibling Doula! 

Having been a career nanny for over a decade, I love being with older siblings as they experience the transition of becoming a sibling! Welcoming a new family member into their life is a significant event that deserves to be honored with steadfast attention and gentle care.  

As a Sibling Doula I will...

Baby Crawling

Provide Education

I will not only provide childcare for your older child, but will be with them to process siblinghood. By reading books, playing games, setting up special spaces, and using our imaginations, I will prepare your older sibling for navigating this new family dynamic.

Kid Playing with Bubble


I will be loyally attentive to your older child as they become curious, have questions, or need to be held in their confusion. Gaining an additional sibling will result in a new paradigm for them and requires patience and empathy. I will be with your sibling one-on-one throughout the entire process, whether that's at your home birth or while you are at the hospital or birth center. 

School Supplies

Be On-Call

I will be on-call 24/7 from 38 weeks gestation through to labor, meaning I will organize myself to be available within one hour of being notified of labor. I provide up to 24 hours of support for your child(ren), then charge hourly for additional time. 

Sibling Doula Rate: $1500 

includes 1 prenatal visit, 24/7 on-call support from 38 weeks gestation, and 24 hours of sibling care (additional hrs charged at $45 per hr)

Interested in this offering?

Schedule a free, 30 minute consultation with me! 

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