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Gender Transition Support

"What's a Gender Doula?"

A gender or transitions doula is someone, who also exists with a gender variant lived experience, that holds space to provide emotional support, resource sharing, and/or logistical, organizational, and domestic assistance before, during, or after a transition or significant milestone. 

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Questioning your gender and don't know where to begin?


Ready for a
gender affirming surgery?

Image by Katie Rainbow 🏳️‍🌈

Trying out a new
name and pronouns?

My support can look like....

  • education & resource sharing around gender affirming surgeries, taking hormones, legal name changes, and trans healthcare

  • offering domestic labor assistance like cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and heavy lifting

  • facilitating space for ritual/artistic process to honor and support emotionality around transition 

  • accompanying a client to medical appointments

  • organizing meal trains and other forms of community support

  • offering referrals to other care/body workers I know personally

  • and just generally being a listening ear.

Help fund Gender Doula support! 
This service is currently offered at a
sliding scale rate of $30-$45 per hr.
When I am able to, I offer pro-bono services with help from community donations to my Transitions Support Fund.
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Venmo @gentlerthemdoula

Book a free 30 minute consultation... connect about your needs, wants, desires, and dreams!

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