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The GentlerThem Doula

Trauma-informed, gender inclusive, anti-racist, & queer affirming care

 that centers a transformative justice lens, serving King County, WA. 

Schedule a free consultation to connect about your individualized goals for care and support.

Hello, I'm Eva!

I use they/them pronouns and
I'm so glad you're here.

 I am a queer and trans doula, facilitator, and artist who specializes in postpartum care and transitional support. I live on the stolen land and waters of the Duwamish and Coast Salish peoples in colonial Seattle.

After 8 years working as a professional nanny, training as a trauma-informed facilitator, being an arts and movement educator, and moving through my own transitions, I am arriving in my role as a doula with open arms and an open heart. Whether it's birth, loss, transition, grief, or celebration, I specialize in holding and ritualizing significant experiences at any stage or in any form.

Thank you for reaching for this support and for considering me to be a part of your journey.

“It didn’t take long for us to see that Eva was committed to making us feel safe and comfortable. We soon found ourselves looking forward to being with Eva, knowing we were in capable and caring hands."

Why hire a doula?

Winter Scenery

Support in times of Transition

The logistical lift of entering a new era of life is enormous. Whatever this may be or whatever it may look like, a doula can make this time more easeful by providing tangible support settling into routines, organizing space, and navigating new labor and tasks.

Herbal Tea

Holistic & Individualized Care

Intentional care for people that are moving through and honoring a transitional experience is essential. Cooking nourishing meals, providing herbal remedies, assisting in physical recovery methods, and providing resources, education, or childcare are all offerings of care we crave, especially in times of change.

Image by Nicole Geri

Affirmation to counter Isolation

Our culture normalizes and erases transition due to urgency, dissociation, and general discomfort. This can leave one feeling lonely, isolated, and unheard. A doula can listen, organize continued long-term support, assist in recognizing feelings, and facilitate ritual to hold space for your unique emotional experience.


Why work with me?

I offer person-centered, individualized care that honors the holistic connection between mind, body and spirit for all people moving through transition. 

Learn more about my offerings...

I look forward to connecting with you!

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