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Hello! I'm Eva...

a sipper of tea,

an artist of many persuasions,

a petter of other people's cats,

a curious activist,

& a lover of care work.

...I'm so glad you're here! 


About my journey...

My professional journey into care work has been non-linear. After a decade working in the performing arts, a pandemic, and a reckoning with several parts of my identity, I began my journey towards birth work in 2020. At that time, I was working during the day as a childcare provider and during the night as an artist. I felt split in half; bringing parts of myself to one space and leaving other parts behind.

So, I reached for mentorship and education to understand how I could bring all parts of myself to my work. Through training as a trauma-informed/anti-racist facilitator, getting curious about my positionality, and sitting with grief, I landed on wanting to better understand how to hold people through transitions. This is when the word "doula" entered into my world. Since then, I have trained with justice-oriented organizations and mentors to hone my abilities and skills towards radicalized and politicized care work.

I have worked with...

  • parents and children navigating grief and loss

  • queer and trans parents

  • families who have adopted their child

  • polyamorous families 

  • single parents of multiples 

  • immigrant families

Training and Certification

Birthing Advocacy Full Spectrum Doula Training

2022 (Certification in progress)


Whole Body Pregnancy Postpartum Doula Training

2022 (Certification in progress)

Crescent Dream Doula Mentorship Program


Holistic Resistance's Trauma-informed Facilitator Training 


Adult and Infant CPR & First Aid

annually renewed

Self Care Practices for Pelvic Health by Sacred Womb Services


Healing White Body Supremacy with Generative Somatics



My Values

Trauma-informed, gender inclusive, anti-racist, & queer affirming postpartum care, that centers a reproductive justice lens



I believe that healing from the trauma of oppression is a holistic practice. To me, this means I approach birth work with intentional relationship building and individualized support to honor your unique journey and history.

Hands Up


As a queer, non-binary, & chronically ill doula, I believe providing inclusive, accessible, and unapologetically politicized care is a radical step towards a more just world. I center empathy, curiosity, and humility in my practice to be consistently growing and learning.

Tree Trunk Texture_edited.jpg


In my practice, I believe that you belong here. No matter what circumstances have brought you to seek out this care, no matter what feelings are arising for you, you deserve to feel empowered and validated in your experience.

I'd love to hear from you if...

you need to feel heard,

desire advocacy,

or just need another pair of hands.

Learn more about my postpartum care packages...

Or, schedule a consultation today!

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