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Postpartum Support

Holistic care in times of transition to counter isolation, center advocacy, and facilitate support for you and your family

“Those early postpartum months were not easy, but I am grateful to have found Eva as a caregiver. In particular, their truthful and open communication style facilitated a true partnership based on mutual trust as opposed to a traditional employer/employee relationship."

Postpartum care can look like...

Nourishing Meals

I'll focus on cooking the foods YOU want to eat while supporting you with options and knowledge. I specialize in cooking for dietary restrictions, working with anti-inflammatory foods, and cooking for the postpartum body. My favorite things to make are baked goodies, soups, bone broth, and individualized herbal tea blends.


Working as a nanny for over 8 years has given me extensive experience in honoring children's experiences of life. As a sibling doula, I'll support your children by listening to their questions and playing out their experiences.

I'm also happy to hold, feed, and care for your little one while you rest, relax, and regroup.

A Listening Ear

As your postpartum doula, I will intentionally make the space for you to feel heard. I will offer adaptable space for you to process, ask questions, and deepen into your experience. These lightly facilitated moments are crucial to tending to, honoring, and nourishing your journey.

Facilitating Rest

As a care provider, I strive to help you organize and structure your rest. I'll listen to your needs and wants around sleep and support you in understanding how to work towards an arrangement that helps everyone acheive their ideal rest.

Household Maintenance

 I'll catch up on the laundry, wash your dishes, feed the cat, grab your groceries, and tidy your home as you'd like. Tending and tidying can be spiritual practices of cleansing, clearing, and releasing. I would be thrilled to assist in creating that spaciousness.

Resource Navigation

Need additional, long-term support? I exist in a community of therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, lactation consultants, physical therapists, and abortion & death doulas. I'm happy to support you finding the help you want and need through recommendations or research.

Through my offerings, I'll holistically support your rest and recovery during this incomparable moment.

Daytime Postpartum Package

  • $55 per hour (sliding scale available for those in need)

  • 4-6 hour visits in the mornings or afternoons

Learn more today by booking a free, no-pressure consultation! 


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